Server infrastructure

Choosing an appropriate hardware platform for building an IT environment is a basis of a success in an infrastructural project. A proper selection of elements will allow for an optimal utilization of owned resources in the future and will allow for their flexible expansion. Our specialists will help in selecting an appropriate server infrastructure, depending on the expectations and planned uses.


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In case of some of the uses, the rack servers perform better than blade servers. Whether it is going to be a single backup server, or a server farm, our specialists will gladly help in the selection of appropriate hardware. We primarily offer hardware from IBM/Lenovo or HP. The offered hardware is always tailored to the specific needs of the client, both technical and financial.


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The blade servers allow for limiting the number of spare hardware elements, which directly translates into lowering the costs of maintaining IT systems. They are more energy efficient and easier to manage. In our offer, there are servers from IBM/Lenovo, HP or Fujitsu.


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We specialize in tuning Oracle databases, their migration and above all we can significantly increase their efficiency, without putting our clients in a risk of unnecessary expenses.
We offer complex migration tests, thanks to which the client receives a full picture of the situation on the project stage.

Our partners

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