Business acceleration

Every company needs tools for easy creation of reports and business specifications, to optimize work and maximize the profits. The solution implemented by us will help to undertake measures with a full conviction and minimal risk, based on verified data. The approach proposed by us can realize the full potential of big data sets, thanks to new types of business analyses. Thanks to integrated solutions for examination and reporting of data, every decision-maker and even a commercial level employee can maximize the benefits of the company.

By realizing our implementations, we provide a verified and supervised platform of high efficiency and scalability. The business users receive a consistent WWW interface for mobile devices with or without an internet connection. Our system includes new generation Business Intelligence, offering support and intuitive functions, which will introduce anyone into the world of cognitive processing. It will help better understand the functioning of your own company, and create reports, cockpits and visualizations of data, provided with valuable observations. The simplicity of use is achieved by a single user interface, for the computer and mobile devices. Creating visualizations, infographics and reports will be a matter of minutes.

The BI area is only an introduction to wide planning, budgeting and forecasting. The tools used by us provide these opportunities for business users, but also flexible multidimensional modelling functions for finance teams. The implemented system based on offered tools can help in shortening the budgeting cycle from days to minutes. Implementation of the Business Acceleration allows for obtaining analyses on demand, provides a multidimensional database and automation of work and results. We tailor each system according to client’s needs, where depending on the needs or the advancement level of the company, we realize exactly what the client needs.

We strengthen any analyses and business plans by providing tools for statistical analysis, used to solve different business problems. The implemented solution provides a variety of techniques including ad hoc, testing hypotheses and reporting methods to simplify data access, its management, selection and carrying out of analyses and sharing results.

The attractiveness of our system enhances its applicability to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the project or the expectations, elements of Cloud analyses. The solutions operating in the cloud provide the companies with conditions for quick operation scalability and adaptation for changing needs, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of safety and privacy, with minimization of risk.

We base our implementation on IBM products:
• IBM Cognos Analytics
• IBM Cognos Planning

Our partners

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